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Westwood School Renovation

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 It makes me happy to see Westwood School now.  The exterior is as beautiful as ever, with its brick facade, western mural, and grand front steps.  The curved brick benches are still there too, bringing back memories of where I used to climb during recess or wait for my sister Mary Jo to walk me home, but today’s students can also climb on actual play sets too.

The school recently hosted an Open House, celebrating its re-opening.  I was impressed with the new gym building, but more impressed with the restoration of the old building.  The intricate ironwork stairwells have been preserved, along with some of the original doors and wonderful theater.  The theater’s  grander than when I went to Westwood.  (I remember watching concerts there and lining up on the stage for class pictures as a kindergardener and first grader in the ’70s).  They’ve gotten rid of the horrible drop ceiling, and restored much of the plasterwork and architectural  detail.

Back when I attended, we didn’t have computers, or projectors mounted from the ceilings like the modernized classrooms. Those rooms look completely different, and are air conditioned now too,  changes that make sense.  But it also made sense to make the updates in the historic building.  It might have been cheaper to demolish the building as some wanted, but it was wiser to to preserve the history and beauty of Westwood School.

Been there, done that? Or wannna go? Let me know!

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