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Hooray For Hollywood

Hollywood is CROWDED.  The highways are a death wish. With Geoff at wheel I felt safe, but cringed and invoked St. Christopher’s aid on the eight lane highways and at the dead stop then speed streets.  (Hint to fellow toursits: Do not try to drive past Hollywood Bowl at 10:45 on Easter Sunday when there’s an 11:00 Easter Service.)

We visited Graumann’s, where putting my hands in the prints of Judy Garland and Joan Crawford thrilled me, but it was CROWDED, and I could never get a good shot of the Marx Brother’s block; only Zeppo was always visible!

We admired the stars along the Walk of Fame on our way to the Hollywood Museum. Located in the original Max Factor building, it gave us a glimpse of glamour with spectacular autograph collections, original costumes, and other fabulous memorabilia, with nearly a whole floor devoted to TCM’s recent star of the month, Loretta Young.

After that, Geoff braved the highway again and we visited the observatory where Rebel Without a Cause was filmed and got a look at the Hollywood sign. Tomorrow, Cal Arts, the reason for our visit.

Been there, done that? Or wannna go? Let me know!

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This entry was posted on April 1, 2013 by in Hollywood.
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