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Biltmore satisfies desire for Downton

Season 4 starts January 5.

If you can’t wait til then, The Biltmore Estate is a close equivalent to Highclere Castle, set of the delicious drama Downton Abbey.

Our visit brought to mind inevitable comparisons.  Was George and Edith Vanderbilt’s luxurious lifestyle equal to Lord Lady Grantham’s?  Did the downstairs dramas of the servants’ quarters mirror those of the attic accommodations of the maids and footmen of Downton?  A visit to Asheville, N.C. is definitely worthwhile.  I wrote about the estate in my  June article (page 14) for  Cincinnati Family: imgres

But most importantly, note that season one of Downton Abbey disappears from Netflix on July 1.  Beth and I are watching now while we have the chance!

2 comments on “Biltmore satisfies desire for Downton

  1. Rachel
    June 20, 2013

    Isn’t it depressing how few episodes there are of Downton? I’m going to be living near Biltmore soon and can’t wait to take the tour!

    • Barbara David
      June 21, 2013

      Agreed. Those Brits don’t understand that a “season” should last at least a “season.”

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