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Will Write for Roof

Beyond the glamorous world of travel writing, detailing the quality and quantity of changing tables in Children’s Museum restrooms across the country, I do other freelance writing and also some ghosting. Once I traded web page edits for tree trimming, and since it turned out that the tree was dead, and had to come down completely, I think I made about $500 an hour on that one.

We could use a new roof. Anyone who does slate and wants a better blog, should contact me.

However, generally my rates are more reasonable.

Barbara Littner David Editorial services.


Your voice, only better.  Trust your message to a winner of national writing awards, and published experience in traditional journalism, social media, promotional materials, and fiction.  With a BA and MA in English Literature and Comparative Languages and nearly twenty years teaching experience, I know the rules, and when to break them.


Service Per Page (250 words) Hourly
Basic Proofreading

Copy arrives polished, but needs a final, thorough read-through for surface errors in spelling, punctuation, and minor sentence-level revision.

2.50 $20

Includes Basic Proofreading, but also alerts the author to issues concerning organization, clarity, redundancies, and inconsistencies.

$3.00 $30

Sometimes a piece needs more than Proofreading and Editing to meet its intention. Revision involves rewriting to fully convey the piece’s intention to its audience.


$10 $40


Individual consultation, in person or via phone or Skype, also available to shape a piece, talk through problem areas, or provide other writing advice and suggestions. Minimum fee: $20 for up to 15 minutes, and an additional $10 for every 10 minutes thereafter.


Been there, done that? Or wannna go? Let me know!

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