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Flood! Footnotes for my new historical fiction about old news

While I continue sending query letters about Tell Wind and Fire, I decided I should start something new so that I can relax my grip on the empty inbox of my email.  I had a few ideas for a new novel, but wanted some structure and found a great offering on Cincinnati’s library page.

Under “Research and Databases,” there’s a link to “Continuing Education.” At the bottom of that page is a description of “Universal Class.” These classes have a real person as an instructor and outside of the library cost about $99. Free here!

After registering, (name, library card, email, etc.) I went through the writing classes, and selected “Historical Fiction Writing.”Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.41.25 AM

I took the whole class, in less than a week, and through the material and assignments, mapped out the plot for my next novel.  I’m excited.

A real person is at the other end of cyber world and sends feedback from not only the multiple choice “exams,” (mostly 5 questions, and fairly easy, but with some tricky parts that tripped me up) but also from the assignments. In fact, I’m still waiting to hear back on three of them.

Also, for those in the teaching world, the courses even provide a certificate for CEUs. Hey, Dave, will this count?

Along the way, one of the assignments involved documenting research for readers so that they know the historical references are real. The final assignment asks students to submit the first page of their novel, and for me writing it involved quite a lot of research. So, rather than save all of my Google work for an afterward, I thought I’d put it in my blog and hope for reader feedback, comments and leads!

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